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Listings on the platform are FREE.

The idea for the platform was initiated by Honorable Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal in a personal “think outside the box” suggestion to the private partner.

This is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project between National Entrepreneurship Innovation

Plan (NEIP) and InvestSMEGhana Limited. The Ghana online mall is a business development and

marketing platform created by the vehicle of a PPP project between NEIP and InvestSMEGhana

Limited to provide access to market, funding and business advisory services for Ghanaian SME’s

with the ultimate goal of creating employment and empowering Ghanaians to do well in business.

GhanaOnlineMall.com is focused on the work of expanding the product range, bolstering

individual company’s position in the key markets and developing long-term relationships with

prospective clients.


The organization is called the Ghana Online Mall operating under the business platform known

popularly as www.ghanaonlinemall.com. This organization, the Ghana Online Mall contains the

business listings, local services and international services. The Business Listings on this platform is

operated and managed by InvestSMEGhana. The Local services under the Ghana Online Mall

platform is operated and fully managed by NEIP under this PPP agreement while the International

services under the platform is fully managed and operated by InvestSMEGhana, the private partner

in this PPP agreement.

Business Listings - Listings on the platform are FREE.


This is the platform, where people can search for products/services in their locality after these

businesses have been categorized and placed on the platform. The business listings have a strategic

plan to attract a million SME’s on the portal within a 3-year period and to create the largest Public-

Private business directory in the Country, Providing business and economic information to users

and vendors. Essentially, the various businesses that will list on this platform will provide details

about their product offerings and services and contact details for easy access to users. To create

employment, graduates who have completed National service and are chronically unemployed will

be used to recruit businesses for the platform. This PPP agreement will also recruit non-graduates,

uneducated and school drop outs, train them to be apprentices for some of the businesses on the

platform. This will be made much easier, because the public partner, NEIP will recruit and train

these people.

The value proposition of the Business Listings includes the following:

1. Creating the largest database for Ghanaian startups and SME’s in the country.

2. Serving as a National and International business directory for all services and goods traded

on the market. 

3. Providing Customers and Vendors alike the ease to shop and compare prices at their

finger tips.

4. Sharing relevant business and economic information to listed vendors as a whole or by


5. Matchmaking of SME’s with synergies, i.e. identifying potential beneficial business

relationships between listed Vendors and bringing it to their attention. 

6. Introducing new technologies to listed Vendors.


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Local Services

Please see http://neip.gov.gh/ for details. John Kuma - CEO

International Services -Listings on the platform are FREE.

Please see http://investsmeghana.com/  for details. Solomon Tamakloe – CEO

This component on the platform is managed by InvestSMEGhana, the private partner with the sole goal of helping investors identify potential businesses for investment. Thereby creating opportunities for employment, training, financing and transfer of technology to Ghanaian businesses. Focusing on Agro-Export, Industrialization & Tourism, making Ghana a net exporter to our neighboring Countries and onto the Continent using the newly created African Continental Free Trade Agreement. As a company, our reputation is driven by a strong conviction that a successful business investment requires an attention to detail to unlock value for any investment. As part of the business plan, the InvestSMEGhana, which is the international marketing platform, seeks to source local and international venture or angel capital for local Ghanaians. In an effort to help individual businesses to compete on a global market, we continually work to identify gaps and create competitive advantages for SME’s products and services. InvestSMEGhana value proposition includes:

1. Source of local and international venture or angel capital

2. Source of technology transfer to businesses on the platform 

3. Aim to bring the standard of SME’s products and services up to international markets

4. Specifically target capital that will increase employment in the country

5. Bring foreign and local experts to coach SME’s

6. Host seminars for training

7. Reduce unemployment and increase the productivity of the workforce

8. Help reduce the youth unemployment by sponsoring SME’s Vendors for apprenticeship

in other established SME’s

 InvestSMEGhana Team 

The CEO of InvestSMEGhana is Mr. Solomon Tamakloe, a retired corporate accountant with 35 years’ experience and MBA degree from University of Houston - Victoria Campus. The team is made up of business professionals both in Ghana and Aboard (U.S, U.K) who love what they do - so bringing the right solution to companies and brands is not just what we do – it is who we are. InvestSMEGhana has helped businesses take advantage of new opportunities and anticipated trends irrespective of the changing economic landscape. We understand the entrepreneurial and marketing bottom-line, and know the factors that ensures business success, especially for a small or medium-sized company.

Mr. Solomon Tamakloe is the founding Executive & Board Chairman of Ghana Houston Chamber of Commerce – GHCC -- http://www.ghanahoustonchamber.org/ . He currently serves as the Board Chairman. The chamber has become the welcome center for over 250 plus Ghanaians annually which includes Ministers, Ambassadors, Parliamentarians, Government Sector CEOs, private sector CEOs and other business personalities. On June 28th 2017 the Chamber was the official host of Ghana vs Mexico Soccer match.

For more information, please contact us: info@GhanaOnlineMall.com

Solomon Tamakloe - CEO